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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My name's Jacinda Aytch (pronounced just like the letter 'H'), you can call me Jae or Maya. Either one is okay. I'm currently in my third year as a graphic design student. Too many ocs and ideas to count, and I'm always up for a chat.

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Hey loves! How have you all been? Me, I'm feeling better than I was during the last few months of last year. Anyways! Here's a few updates and especially good news regarding StepSisters! 

I have a new website. There you can find full illustrations, commission prices with examples (which are open, *cough cough*), and other goodies as well as links to my Redbubble, TicTail and Society6 accounts c:. 

We are well past the halfway mark of the first chapter and I am close to completing the last page as well as tidying up a few things, so you know what that means? Chapter 1 will be ready to go to print soon! Yes it will! Once I have the proof of it, I'll open preorders for about a month before ordering the first batch of books. You can always read StepSisters for free on Tapas, Tumblr and Smackjeeves too but if you want to purchase a copy you'll be able to place an order on my TicTail shop when the time comes.

[Read it on Tapas] | [Read it on Tumblr] | [Read it on Smackjeeves] 

Another announcement is that I recently made a Ko-Fi account. Ko-Fi is sort of like Patreon except for having different payment tiers you can literally tip me the amount of a cup of coffee. You don't have to tip, but if you want to and can it will be greatly appreciated and take a little bit of stress off myself! And who knows, tippers might get tiny thank you sketches of a character of their choice or of themselves -winks-. 

So, I think that is all. Until next time loves!


[HLV] Asukai Jouichi
Character Information 
Ninja Registration Number: #161385

Full Name: Asukai Jouichi 

Gender: Male

Date of Birth:  22 born on February 13th

Height in CM: 189 cm

Weight in KG: 89 kg

Blood type: AB


Likes: Poetry, collecting art, tending to his bonsai tree, drinking, philosophy, research, history

Dislikes: Dirt, unkempt people, unnecessary loudness, being interrupted,

Inspirations: His father and uncle, his grandmother

Life Goals: Make his grandmother proud; To have the most revered art collection


Jouichi believes that if one takes cares of their body and mind then everything else will fall in place. That being said, he thinks that living life with too much excess is the quickest way for the mind and body to deteriorate. He’s a soft-spoken individual, preferring to wait until he is sure that his words will not be wasted when he speaks. He highly believes in family, that the good of his family and clan go before that of others. Rules are rules and if you break a rule then you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. He’s not judgemental as everyone has their own reasons and end the end they will get their own judgment delivered upon them.

Growing up Asukai, and with a little help from his family, Jou is a bit spoiled. He's used to getting what he wants just for asking for it but is also used to using his charm to get it as well. As a child he was unaware of any differences in social classes, often thinking that all anyone had to do was ask to get what they wanted, however as he aged his awareness of this increased though he still thinks that getting what you want to relies solely on you and your choices.


Being an only child, Jouichi’s father Josetsu made sure that he’d visit and hang out with his cousins Tsurugi and Tsukina during his study and training breaks. When he would visit they would often go out and explore the village and during the nights he would visit they would often sneak out at night and go to the river to swim and other things. Aside from those breaks, Jou’s father was big on him keeping up with his studies and training, most of his time being spent between the two tasks and playing Go and other strategy games. Even with this, his father made sure that Jou understood the importance of family and he grew up knowing that if anything else in life failed he would have his family and clan.

Asukai Tsurugi, Cousin ©️ StrawberriOnTop
Asukai Tsukin, Cousin ©️ pintado-sparrow 
Offering up digital commissions though sketch and ink commissions could be done traditionally.

Terms and Condition

First off, I reserve the right to turn down any commission that I feel uncomfortable accepting.

Commissions have a turn around time of 1 to 5 weeks depending on workload and complexity of the commissions. For black and white and full color bust/full body commissions, I will note you a series of composition sketches for approval before I continue with the rest of your commission. It is at this phase that you can cancel your commission with a twenty-five percent refund on your payment. If at any point after this you wish to cancel your commission you may not receive any money back as I had already put in a significant amount of time on your piece.

2018 Commission Prices by TheArtofAytch

Some Examples:
[HLV] Suit Up, Snow Shark by TheArtofAytch   Tree of Life by TheArtofAytch   Gossiping Mermaids by TheArtofAytch   Mermay by TheArtofAytch  [HLV] Gotta Put it Out by TheArtofAytch Sun by TheArtofAytch 

More examples can be found here

Please send your order through a note. 
[HLV] Suit Up, Snow Shark
1. Suit up: Gearing up for Winter Weather!
     Get your warmest clothes together! It's cold in the north! Design and draw a winter outfit.
Remember, Tōrōgakure is traditional! Modern jackets, beanies, etc is still a massive no-no!
     − Mission Type: Static path. Client: Your parents. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Time to go play in the snow, Nana uvu


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